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December 2019

This Tree—Merry Christmas!


Here is a picture of our Christmas tree,

and it may be, that it means nothing to you,

but to me . . .


It was adorned by hands that I love, love, love,

and is topped by a star of promise from above.


The ornaments that fill the branches and boughs,

hold stories that range from then until now.


They are memories of God’s faithful hand in our lives,

they tell of His goodness and keep Hope alive.


The lights that shine brightly into the night,

remind us it's time for joy and delight.


The wondrous sight of our Christmas tree,

calls to mind words the angel said unto me.


"This day is born a Savior—Jesus your Lord,

who paid the price for you, that none could afford."


So, when I look at our tree, I see Jesus in all,

Saying “Come unto me” and harken His call.


That is a picture of our Christmas tree,

And it may be, that it means nothing to you,

But to me . . .

Happy Birthday Dina! You are a gift!

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They say a picture’s worth a thousand words,

but I say ten thousand is too few.

As I struggle, slip and slide through life,

I’m glad that it’s with you.

Your smile, your love, your constant care,

steady me as I glide;

and even when I trip and fall,

you’re there right by my side.

As the days fly by, the seasons pass,

and the calendar hints we're old;

I’m blessed by God, and this is true,

that the one, whose mittened hand I hold,

is you.

Happy Birthday Dina!

With all my love,


a great pair—32 years together!



. . . one shoe always missing the other.                                        —John Blase


When I think of legendary duos, my mind immediately goes to Mickey and Minnie (yes, I’ll be your Mickey) and good ol’ Snoopy and Charlie.

To me these pairs represent forever love, wholesome fun and committed friendship, and when I think of those attributes I think of us, and our 32 years together.

What a joy it is to be married to you. You are definitely my “better half,” and together we make a great pair. Dina, you are God’s good gift to me. With you, I can go anywhere this adventure of life leads, and without you, I would be like, “. . . one shoe always missing the other.”

Happy Anniversary Dina! I love you!

With all my heart,