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Happy Birthday Dad . . . 75 years!

IMG_5319A life well-lived casts a huge shadow that's sure to impact coming generations for Christ. —R.T. Kendall

I thank God for my dad, Robin Roberts. Today is his 75th birthday!! What a joy it is to celebrate him and his life. He is dearly admired for his devoted love and service to others, his quiet and humble spirit, his faithfulness to God and his family, his fun-loving nature, and his deep appreciation of all that is good and meaningful in life and creation.

Of the many things that I appreciate about my Dad, the thing that I am most thankful for is his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Nearly forty years ago my Dad gave his life to Jesus Christ and he has walked with God ever since. Now at 75 years of age, he and his wife of over 50 years have two children, two grandchildren, numerous extended family members and scores of friends who are faithfully serving the Lord—and it all ties back to the day that he committed his life to Jesus Christ.

“A life well-lived casts a huge shadow . . .” and the sun hasn’t set yet. Press on.

Happy Birthday Dad!

With love,