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October 2019

stand forever in him

















Like grass we rise with the

morning, yet wither so soon;

long days of summer, too few.

As wildflowers—unexpected,

resplendent, yet fading—we bloom,

beautify, blaze and then “poof,”

so good, so brief, so gone.

Nothing lasts. But wait . . . the love

of the Lord churns in the wake

of those who fear Him. Salvation

reaching and rippling to children’s,

children and more. Your life matters.

Don’t toil or spin. Be faithful, obey,

love wholly, live wisely. Stand forever

in Him.

(Psalm 103:15-18, Isaiah 40:8, Luke 12:27)

Singing and Praying













The one who sings prays twice. —Augustine


The song, "Goodness of God," has been the constant soundtrack of my heart these past few days. I sing it in the shower and I sing it on my way to work. I sing it louder during my drive home. It is on my mind when I go to sleep and it is the song that I am humming when I awake in the morning.

I have been doing a lot of singing lately, and according to Augustine, twice as much praying.

But how can I not? God's mercy never fails me, he holds me in his hand. He's with me through the fire and in the darkest night.  All my life he has been faithful and so, so good. Even when I'm faithless, he's there, running after me—as a loving father and a faithful friend.

I will keep singing, with every breath that I am able, of the goodness of God. 

Check out this great song . . . and sing (and pray) along!