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morning devotions: prayers, and a poem

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The Bravest Thing

    by John Blase

maybe the bravest thing

is opening your eyes in the

morning and placing your

two feet on the cold floor and

rising up against the gravity

of the night. maybe that’s the

brave thing from which all other

bravery flows, the brave to

seek ye first, maybe that’s the

single thing God requires of you,

the spiritual discipline that takes

all your will to muster. Swallow

down the fear, my friend, and face

the dawning day for what the

surface of the world needs most

of all is bravery skipping and

you, yes you are the stone.

Up at the 4:30 alarm and thinking about the poem, “The Bravest Thing,” by John Blase. The first, most important step of my day is simply opening my eyes, putting my two feet on the cold floor and walking into the day ahead of me. My goal is to “seek Ye first,” and I pray from there,... God, get a hold of me and fling me furiously. May I skip, alight and impact the world with your aim, your impetus and your Presence.

As I drink my morning coffee, I think about the “perfect” skipping stone. It is flat, smooth, and is an ideal fit for the hand that is doing the throwing. Not all rocks are ready for skipping; only those that have been prepared by waiting at the bottom of a lake or river, worn down by sand, seasons, rushing water and time. God is ever looking for the right stone to skip into the world—for his influence, his impact and his pleasure.

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

                                            (2 Chronicles 16:9, NIV)

Lord, find me, make me, empower me and use me for your Glory. May my life give you delight and may the places where I "skip" today ripple outwards with your love, mercy and grace.


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