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December 2018

Happy Birthday Dina!!!

Dina school pic 2018 2


Practically perfect in every way. — Mary Poppins


Today is Dina’s birthday. What a joy it is to celebrate her. Dina is a source of light, peace, strength, care and love to her family, friends, students, colleagues and the world around her. She would never say it, but to me she is “practically perfect in every way.” I thank God for the good gift of her life.

Happy Birthday Dina!! I love you. —Ryan

Bring on the chap stick—31 years together

39146071_2259892470691802_3332434622108663808_oA week ago, as I was driving to work, I noticed that I had chap stick on my lips. I seldom use chap stick and thought to myself, “Where did I get chap stick?” And then I remembered that I had just kissed Dina goodbye as we both left the house.

She had chap stick on her lips.

For the rest of the drive, I felt and tasted that chap stick and was overwhelmed with love and thanksgiving for my wife.

Dina is my best friend, my partner in all things, an amazing mother to our daughters, my delight, my helper, my safe place, the love of my life and a precious gift from God.

What a joy and blessing it has been to be married to her for these past 31 years.

Happy Anniversary Dina, I love you.

Bring on the chap stick!