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30 years, together

73 years!! Praise His Name!

23621333_1717244168299446_5216439184202044312_nWe all have songs that make up the soundtrack of our lives. They remind us of "moments" in time—like that first junior high dance, or the day we left home for college. Each song connects us with a memory, a person, a feeling or an emotion.

The song, "Everybody Ought to Praise His Name" holds a treasured place in the jukebox of my mind and heart.  In the early 90's it was a tune that my Dad would sing and dance to around the house as an expression of his joy and thankfulness unto God.  He would crank up the volume and in a spirit of exuberance and fun he would belt out the chorus, DSC08896

Everybody ought to praise his name,

Be thankful and praise his name.

Everybody ought to praise his name,

'Cause if a robin can say thank you, you can do it too.

There was a double entendre in my Dad's singing of the song that made it extra special.  My Dad's first name is Robin.  If the red-breasted robin can chirp out a song of thanksgiving and joy to God, how much more can "Robin" Roberts, "a sinner saved by grace," proclaim, from a heart of gratitude, "Praise His Name!"

Today is Robin Roberts' 73rd birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad. 

I thank God for your life, your love, your faith in God and in your example of living with a heart of gratitude. 

You are an inspiration to me, 'cause if a Robin can say thank you,                        I can do it too. 


Check out the song below!  



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