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don't end up in the ditch

IMG_0953From my journal . . .

Had a great time of devotion and prayer this morning. I came across some profound thoughts in the book, The Way to Pentecost by Samuel Chadwick. The chapter I read this morning was on the topic of “power” in our lives—the Holy Spirit is the “Spirit of Power.”

I find this quote challenging and inspiring:

“Satan’s way to thrones and dominion is by the assertion of self for self-realization; God’s way is by the surrender of self on the altar of sacrifice. Calvary is God’s way. In the Kingdom of Heaven the bleeding Lamb is in the midst of the throne, and in the midst of everything else that abides. The way of sovereignty is by the way of the Cross. The badge of authority is service, the mark of distinction is humility, and the right to rule is the power to obey. God’s way gets there, the other ends in the ditch, and the pit.”

Wow, these are great thoughts. In God’s economy, “The badge of authority is service, the mark of distinction is humility, and the right to rule is the power to obey.” As a leader, who is a Christ follower, I can’t be concerned about credit, or opportunity, or privilege. When I am serving, God’s power is present in my life. When I am taking the second seat, or better yet, the back seat, the Holy Spirit is acting in my midst. When I live under authority, obeying God and those that he has put in authority over me, the power of the Holy Spirit is at work.

Our society is inclined to see power in such different ways, and this affects me. I am conformed to the wrong conception of power by the world’s influence. I pray that I will be transformed in a way that service, humility and obedience are lived out in my life every second of every day.

God’s way to power, leadership, authority and rule is ”Calvary.” Think about that for a second . . . "Calvary." The “bleeding Lamb” stands at the highest point of all creation and is the means for us to partake of and engage in “power” in our lives.

The pursuit of power aside from God may give temporary influence, moments of strength and even acceleration, but the result will be a loss of control that lands you in the ditch. Or worse yet, power bereft of God may dull your senses to signs of trouble and traps that leave you lying at the bottom of a pit.

God help me.