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February 2016

Robin and Leona Roberts - 50 years together

DSC04230This day is a special day.  It is a day for remembering, for celebrating and for giving thanks.  On February 19, 1966 Robin and Leona Roberts were united in holy matrimony.  That was fifty years ago today!

Fifty years of marriage brings to mind words like: commitment, faithfulness, promise, dedication, loyalty, devotion and love.  However, a life of 50 years together cannot be contained in just a few words.  Two people walking the journey of life, hand in hand, for 18,250 days is breath taking. 

It is beautiful.

I thank God for my parents, Robin and Leona Roberts.  Their love and commitment to each another for the past fifty years has blessed my life immensely.  They are a model and an inspiration.  Their love for one another and their life together stands as a testimony to the power of Jesus Christ to bless and keep, and to give life abundantly to those who live for the glory of His Name.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  Take a look at the slideshow below.