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a history still in the making

Photo(6)In relation to my work here in South Korea it was my privilege a couple of weeks ago to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony and Dedication for the new headquarters building of the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) located in the thriving metropolis of Seoul.

Dr. Billy Kim is the Chairman of the Far East Broadcasting Company, he is a friend of our school (Taejon Christian International School), and he sent us an invitation to the dedication ceremony.  It was a grand event.

Dr. Kim is a revered pastor, preacher and Christian leader in Korea, the USA and throughout the world.  A significant event in Dr. Kim's personal and professional life was when he had the opportunity to serve as the translator for Billy Graham at the crusade that he held in South Korea in the early seventies.  As Billy Graham proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a crowd of 1.1 million people on June 3, 1973, Billy Kim was right next to him, translating every word into Korean.  The rest, as they say, "is history," a history that is still in the making.

I remember as a young boy in the 1970's sitting on the floor in front of our TV set watching the Billy Graham Crusades.  I was enamored with the music and the message given by a preacher that had a presence about him that I admired.  I wasn't a Christ follower then, but I know now that God was at work in my heart, lovingly drawing and wooing me unto Himself.

I became a Christ follower in 1980 and Billy Graham and his message of Jesus Christ has been a significant presence in my life.  He is a part of my history, but his message and ministry isn't a thing of the past.  It is a message of life and hope through Jesus Christ that is still rippling out into the world.  It is a history that is still in the making and maybe it is time for you to become a part of the story.

Take a look at the video below.  Billy Graham is much older, but his message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ is just the same.  Dr. Billy Kim started out with Billy Graham over 40 years ago and God has blessed him and used him greatly throughout the world.  I know that God wants to use Billy Graham to bless your life too.



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