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February 2013

neglect = spam

The best way to kill a plant, a relationship and a blog is through neglect.  The spammers are working harder on my blog than I am.  I am constantly having to delete spam from the comments section. 

Just as a garden unattended grows weeds, a blog unattended grows spam.

DSC02747I am not quitting though.  I like this little bottle of a blog through which I can toss a message now and then out into the vast ocean of the Internet. 

I am thankful for the two or three readers that check my blog regularly.  What a disappointment it must be for you to take the time to click this site and, day after day, find nothing.

Please don't curse this fig tree of a blog quite yet.  I am committed to watering this plant--at least a couple times a week.  No more neglect and no more spam.

I hope that our relationship will grow and that you will find a little fruit to nourish you along the way.