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suggest, direct, control...

A diary of private prayerBelow is a portion of a prayer from a book that sits on my desk--right next to my Bible.  The book is, A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie.  In the book are written prayers for the morning and evening of every day of the month.  God wants us to pray.  I don't know about you, but prayer is something that I need in my life and it is something that doesn't come easy.  It is ok to read prayers to God.  Sometimes I read Psalms aloud as a form of prayer and other times I read from Baillie's little book on prayer.  Prayers are amazing things--they are what we need to say to God and oftentimes they encompass what we need to hear from God too. 

Here is a portion of the prayer that I read (prayed) and "heard" this morning.

"O Thou who alone knowest what lies before me this day, grant that in every hour of it I may stay close to Thee.  Let me be in the world, yet not of it.  Let me use this world without abusing it.  If I buy, let me be as though I possessed not.  If I have nothing, let me be as though possessing all things.  Let me to-day embark on no undertaking that is not in line with Thy will for my life, nor shrink from any sacrifice which Thy will may demand.  Suggest, direct, control every movement of my mind; for my Lord Christ's sake.  Amen."