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It's all a gift

DSCF2973The following quote is from a recent blog post by Ben Witherington that speaks of narcisism, entitlement and me!?  (No, surely not you or me.  Rather, it is about all those other people.  I hope they read it.)

"A person who realizes life is a gift, all of it, is a person who can’t go around with a sense of entitlement. We are not entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of a good career. No we are not. Those are all gifts ultimately from God. We are not entitled to a certain standard of living. We are not entitled to a two car garage. We are not even entitled to a chance at ‘the good life’. It’s all gift. We did not create our own existence. We came into the world through the actions of others, chiefly God. And when we die, even if we are buried with our pink Cadillac, we cannot take it with us. Naked we came into the world, and we shall leave it without our stuff. The thing about nakedness is…. it reminds us we are not God. It reminds us we are vulnerable. It reminds us we need outside help. It reminds us we need love. And Adam and Eve became self-aware, self-centered, realized they were naked……. and the human race began its race down the slippery slope to malignant narcissism. Something only God can rescue us from now."

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