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It has been a busy week since we got back from India and there has been little to no time for blogging about the trip.  However, the people and the experience have been constantly on my mind and in my heart.  Here is a pic of me with two of my precious little "buddies" in India.


A Relentless Divine Reach

"There is in Jesus a kind of relentless divine reach.  I guess that's why the church, which believes that Jesus saves, has been reluctant to say for sure whether or not Jesus saves people who are not in the church.  The church's reluctance about this matter is not due to the church's mushy inclusiveness but rather to the church's disinclination to set limits on just what the love of Jesus can and can't do.  Just when I settle in and try to reduce Jesus' love to me and my friends huddled in church, I hear him say to (us) the faithful, "The tax-collectors and the prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you!"

By William H. Willimon in Why Jesus

A Reminder

"Perhaps we ought to be reminded that no one should presume to play God and pronounce judgment on anyone else's behavior--unless that person happens to be the judge who is also Son of God, our Creator, our Savior, the same "Judge" who said, as he breathed his last, "Father, forgive them.  They don't know what they are doing."

By William H. Willimon in Why Jesus?


"God is the Judge, and we're not.

What God judges will be brilliant justice but God's justice will be soaked in God's own grace.

I hope for a final day of overwhelming grace that swallows up all sin and injustice."

By Scot McKnight in One.Life: Jesus Calls We Follow