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Checking In

Yes it has been awhile since my last post.  Thank you to my three readers that keep checking in once in awhile.  I can't promise that my postings will increase over the next year.  I am in the throes of writing my DMin Thesis (dissertation).  I really am in way over my head on this and will need to give every spare minute and creative spark to this task.  I would love to finish this degree in May 2011. 

I will do what I can as it relates to this blog.  For example, here is a music video from my all-time favorite musician--Andrew Peterson.  I think he is amazing both musically and lyrically.

This video is based upon a song that is on his new album that is coming out in just a couple of weeks.  This song is about the value of marriage--of journeying together with someone else through the times of life.  Check it out and blessings to you all.