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3318169665_353a21ecca_b Proverbs 12:15 says,

"Fools think their own way is right,

but the wise listen to others."

I try to read a chapter of Proverbs every morning.  I have been doing this a long time and every day I am challenged to consider my ways and to incorporate some of the wisdom that I find in the book into my life.

I find it amazing that Solomon, the writer of Proverbs and the wisest person who ever lived, says time and again that it is the wise who seek counsel and it is the wise who listen to others.

In other words, the wise among us are those that put away their pride and who are teachable.

Last February I spent a week at an orphanage in India and during my days there I had the privilege of teaching some Math and Science lessons to a group of 5th graders who lived at the orphanage.   What a delight that was for me.  The students sat up on the edge of their seats drinking in every word of "wisdom" that I had for them.  They were ready to answer questions, participate in the lessons and they were quick to listen.

There is a time to talk and a time to listen.  Listening puts us in a position where we are able to be taught--teachable.

I have so much to learn from the Holy Spirit, King Solomon and those precious orphans in India.  As I put away my pride and live in a teachable manner, I hope that I am a delight to the ultimate teacher--God.

Tuesday Night

It is almost eleven o'clock at night.  I just got home from work for the second time this evening.  I got called away from my home earlier in the evening to go and help solve a problem at one of our school's campus dormitories.  It is late, I am tired and I should be justifiably "grouchy" about putting in a sixteen hour day, but instead I am brimming over with gratitude towards God.

At the International School in South Korea where I work, we board nearly 220 students.  I got called into one of our high school dormitories this evening to assist the Residence Director with a potentially serious situation.  The issue was resolved rather quickly and as I was walking out the front door of the dormitory, headed for home, I noticed the dorm students gathering in the recreation room for a time of late night Bible study and prayer.  I decided to stay.

As the kids gathered and sat on couches, chairs and pillows throughout the room many of them said "hello" to me and acted surprised to see me in their "home."  The evening devotional time was simply a time of silent prayer as the R.A. on duty strummed quietly on her guitar.

As I sat there praying with a bunch of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade boys and girls from different places, experiences and cultures throughout the world, I quickly realized that I was in a place that many would call "holy ground." 

Tonight I sat and prayed with children of missionaries whose parents are serving in very "dark" places in the world.  The kids know much better than I of struggle and sacrifice and they know what a privilege it is to be attending school and living in safety in a dormitory with friends and adults that care about them and love them.

I prayed with teenagers who are essentially, "on their own."  They have been living away from their upwardly mobile, affluent parents for years and they are tasked with the responsibility of achieving educational success and subsequently a "ticket" to the good life of Western Education.  They are alone except for the fact that they have dorm parents, good friends and God.

For me there was something special about praying with these kids tonight.  As I prayed, I wondered what the students were thinking about and praying for.  Tears filled my eyes as I remembered the joys, the pain, the fears and the questions that filled my teenage heart so long ago.  Tonight God reminded me that He was with me then and he is with the students in the dorm now. 

God also reminded me that He is with me now too.

It is late. The house is quiet.  My wife and daughters are asleep and I have had a long day.  I am tired, but I am not feeling alone, discouraged or justifiably grouchy.  Rather, I am at peace.  I know that God is with me, He loves me and I am thankful.

By the way, He loves you too.  G'nite.