Put In My Time

Hopeful Notes

As I was filing and sorting through the stack of “important” papers that covered my messy desk, I came across a piece of paper from a yellow legal pad upon which I had scratched out some notes in blue ink.


I don’t remember when I wrote these things down and I don’t know the source of the notes (I am sure that they are not my original thoughts).  But after reading them, I do know why I wrote them down.  For what it is worth, I share the “random” notes, as they were “scrawled” out, with you below:


Living by hope…


About the economy and the recession…


Are you optimistic? pessimistic? or hopeful?


As a Christ follower and organizational leader how am I considering things?

Pessimistically? Optimistically? or Hopefully?


“Fear is the antithesis of hope.”


Hope resides in the fact that nothing that happens escapes the gaze of God.


*It just came to me...I took the above notes from an article by Gordon MacDonald in LEADERSHIP JOURNAL--good stuff.


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