Formed and Molded


By Clark Mollenhoff


You are the molders of their dreams.

The gods who build or crush their

young beliefs of right or wrong.


You are the spark that sets aflame the

poet’s hand or lights the flame

in some great singer’s song.


You are the gods of the young—the very young.

You are the guardian of a million dreams.

Your every smile or frown can heal or pierce a heart.


Yours are one hundreds lives—one thousand lives.

Yours is the pride of loving them, the sorrow too.


Your patient work, your touch, make you the god of hope

That fills their souls with dreams,

and make those dreams come true.



I love this poem.  I first heard this poem twenty years ago and its message continues to have a profound affect upon my life adventure of teaching students, working with adults, pastoring the church, interacting with others and even in the raising of my own two daughters.  The older I get, the more I am convinced that the message of this poem is not just reserved for teachers and children.  All of us are a work in progress.  Each of us are moldable and being formed by our interactions with one another and with God.


Peppers We are so powerful.  What a difference a patient, loving touch can make in the life of another.  The value of a smile and a word of encouragement is immeasurable.  What a privilege it is to fan into flame the embers of faith that God has sparked into existence through the cross, His Spirit and love.


Chances are, you and I have made a lasting impression on those formative souls that have brushed up against us today.  All of us are a work in progress.  We are either becoming more gracious or more grouchy—more caring or more critical.  It is all too likely that we have made our mark on someone today.  Did we create or crush?  Did we inflict harm or inspire hope?


Is it possible that the God of the Universe has in some mysterious way made us the gods of the young…and the old?  I think so.



Our Father, you are the potter and we are the clay.  It is a dream come true for us to have your formative hands of love and mercy in our lives.  Lord, please help us to take that precious gift of grace and go into the world as molders of dreams in the lives of others.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.


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