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Christmas Thoughts

The commercialized Christmas Season looks a bit different here in South Korea.  At least it did two years ago.  There is very little hype leading up to Christmas.  There are few decorations adorning the city and if and when they do appear it is well into the month of December (except in Costco and Starbucks--they already have stuff up).

Things are already changing...

As I walked into Homeplus the other day I saw a flashing Christmas tree illuminating my entrance into the store.  Mounted on the tree was a styrofoam cutout of the words, "Merry Christmas,"... actually, it said "Merry hristmas" because the "C" was missing from "Christmas," no doubt broken off by a shopping crazed Westerner running into the store to get in on the first Christmas sale of the season.

I have found that being removed for the last few years from the commercialized Christmas of the USA has left me wanting...wanting for nothing.  What do I really need this Christmas?  Nothing.  What do I really want this Christmas?  I want to savor the moments that I have with family and friends and I want more of Jesus--"The Reason for the Season."

Oh, wait...I do need something this Christmas.  I need to give myself away.  How about you?  Take a look at this video, maybe it will get your season started off in the right direction.


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LeeAnne Lavender

Hey Ryan... that's a great video and it's so true. How transformational would it be if believers around the world willingly stepped out of the consumer void of Christmas and redirected all of those funds to something meaningful? What a beautiful thought. I also totally agree with you about the changes that are occurring in Korea. Brian and I have commented on the marketing and hype that are beginning to take hold here around the Christmas season. I think it's so sad because it has been incredibly refreshing to remove ourselves from that hype and to just focus on relationships and the simplicity of loving others and spending time with others during Christmas. In fact, I guess I should get back to that right now and separate myself from my computer.... :)

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