Circular Signs Seen In South Korea

Korean Staff Chapel

DSCF5609aLast week I (Ryan) had the very special opportunity to speak in the TCIS Korean Staff Chapel gathering.  Two weeks prior to this event I shared about a Jigae Crucifix wood carving (see link HERE) in the TCIS student chapel, and word got around about the Korean historical elements in my sharing and it was requested that I share the same message with the Korean staff.

I jumped at the chance to share about Jesus Christ and Him crucified with the Korean staff members of the school.  I love the Korean staff.  They are hard working people that are always unselfishly serving others with a smile.  DSCF5605a

Sharing with the staff was a challenge as I was the only person in the gathering of thirty-plus people that wasn't Korean and that didn't speak the Korean language.  With the wonderful help of a translator I shared the message of Jesus via the symbolic message of the Korean Jigae Crucifix wood carving.  Nearly all of the people in the room were aware of the different symbolic aspects depicted on the Jigae Crucifix, but many stated that they have never considered them all within the context of the cross of Jesus Christ.

During my sharing time and following the service, I enjoyed a great time of comments, questions, handshakes and smiles of appreciation from the staff members.  One older gentleman shared with me via a translator, that every day as a boy he would work the land carrying a jigae upon his back.  He said the Korean Jigae Crucifix story held great meaning for him.DSCF5318

Up until three weeks ago I had never seen a Korean Jigae Crucifix and I knew nothing of its symbolic message.  Now when I look at the Korean Jigae Crucifix wood carving sitting in my office I think of Jesus, the TCIS students and the precious Korean staff members, and now the Korean Jigae Crucifix holds great meaning for me too. 


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