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August 2008

Checking In

DSCF2064crowded I know, I know...this blog has been silent and boring lately...maybe it has always been boring...anyway--I am back.  Sorry for the long hiatus.  After a fun summer in the USA, that was full of visiting friends, family and Mickey Mouse, my family and I are settled back into our "home" here in South Korea.

Lord willing, the Ramblings will soon begin to roll.  I want to resume my reflections on O.C.'s Run Today's Race quotations and I want to finish up my thoughts on the verbs of 1 Timothy 6.  So please stay tuned.

For now, I share with you a prayer from one of my favorite authors.

Almighty God, I don't want to be in that crowd of people who are standing around on the sidelines criticizing and quibbling; I want to be with those disciples who are listening, and believing, and following. Amen.
                           — Eugene Peterson


Prayer Update

This is a follow up note to the request for prayer that I posted a few weeks ago.  Glenn is recovering amazingly after the very tragic accident.  Praise the Lord.

Please be in prayer for the family of Stephen--a young man that died in the accident.  For more information please click on this LINK.