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2008_0513024 Tuesday was a busy and good day for us here in Guangzhou.  Jason and I made our presentation to the conference attendees on Tuesday afternoon.  We spoke about the history of Christianity in South Korea, the current state of Christianity in South Korea particularly within the context of Christian Education and we2008_0513029  each shared a bit about our schools, Taejon Christian International School (TCIS) and Gyeonngi Suwon International School (GSIS).  It was fun sharing about our experiences and adventures in South Korea.

2008_0513005 Speaking of adventures, this city of Guangzhou is a never ending adventure.  On Tuesday we went and visited a nearby university campus and enjoyed a walk around the huge campus of over 30,000 students.  Education is a very important thing to the Chinese people.  From one of the taller buildings on the campus I got a good picture of just a small part of the freeway overpass system that is here in Guangzhou.  At one point in our travels through the city we were traveling in the top lane of a four road, stacked overpass system.  When the road system is not able to meets the needs of the huge city they do not have room to widen the road, rather they just build another lane of traffic that runs parallel to the previous road.  It is amazing.2008_0513044

On Tuesday evening we went to a downtown shopping area and had some of fun walking through the shops, seeing the huge crowds of people and even buying a few things at very cheap prices.  There was never a dull moment while we were all shopping as the store merchants were merciless in their efforts to get our attention and encourage us to buy products from them.


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