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Reflection by Sarah

1353549_img_8 Below is a little bit of “blogging” by my daughter, Sarah.  In her English class they are working through a study unit on poetry and one of her assignments was to identify a favorite poem, analyze it and write a reflection on it.  I am flattered that she chose a poem that I wrote but even more than that I am pleased with her thoughtful and well articulated reflection on the poem.  Below is the poem and Sarah’s reflection.

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.by Ryan Roberts

The morning bright is crisp with the delight of child's play,
Three souls from worlds apart share of themselves this day.
A simple wave, an outstretched hand, a smile beckons fun;
A time of joy is had by all as they slide and swing and run.
Laughter, hugs, squeals and shrugs, serve as the talk today;
There is no language lost in words that love can say.
As our hearts reach out and lives extend, unstopped till each day's end;
We find great value in each other, the treasure of a friend.

Sarah Roberts
Reading class

Have you ever had a friend from a different culture than your own? I have. Really good ones too! All my friends are a lot different than I am. That’s why I like this poem. The poem “Friends” by Ryan Roberts is about friendship and how precious it is. It does not matter if you come from a different culture or speak a different language, you can still be friends. Another cool thing about this poem is that it has a cool poetic device and a really deep meaning.

“Friends” has the best and deepest meaning I have ever read before. Its meaning is how you don’t only have to be friends with people who look like you or even have the same culture, but with everyone.  My dad is the author of this poem and he based this poem on my friend Yayoon, my sister Becca, and me.  Yayoon is a little Korean girl that speaks only a few words of English.  Yayoon's mom is my dad's secretary so we went out to dinner with them.  The three of us girls became friends so after that we played together sometimes. Even though we couldn’t speak the same language we still had love and friendship. That’s really all you need.  I know that we all need to be reminded of that every once in a while. This poem doesn’t only have a deep meaning it has a really cool poetic device called end rhyme.  End rhyme really works in this poem because it makes everything just flow together.  End rhyme is in lines 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and 7 and 8.

With a meaning that is deep and poetic devices that are good, what poem could be better?  This poem reminds me that I shouldn’t just be friends with people that look like me or have the same language.  If I do, I’m missing out on a big part of life that could have been great.  It has also encouraged me that it’s good to be friends with people who are different from me. “Friends” is a poem that everyone needs to read.


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