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Running Reflection--January 1

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A Word from Oswald Chambers for Every Day of the Year
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Scripture NIV

January 1

"God is so immediately near and so immensely strong that I get more and more joyous in my confidence in Him and less and less careful how I feel."

Reflections by Ryan:

I read the words of Oswald Chambers and I realize that I need to remember that God is near—He is here with me right now. In Psalm 139, King David asks of the Lord, “Where I can I go from your Spirit?” and the resounding answer is….nowhere. I need to remember that. God is near. Yes, this knowledge will keep me accountable but more importantly, it is so good to know that my “abba” Father is always with me.

As I read the daily news and consider the struggles in my own life and in the lives of those around me I find myself doubting that God is “immensely strong.” However, God’s immense strength is not realized on my terms. I think God should flex his muscles and hold back the tsunami tidal wave, cure the stage four cancer and end world hunger but God shows His strength in other ways.
God is immensely strong as He gives me grace to live today, as He loves the unlovely, as He forgives the sinner through the blood of Jesus Christ and as He is hope even when things appear hopeless.  Even if the boat sinks and we with it—He is with us, holding us all the way down.  Even in death, He is strong.  "Death where is thy sting?"  He is our hope and ours is the hope of heaven.
In God we are never alone and we are never without hope.  Now that is cause for joy.  Not happiness, but joy.  It has been said that "happiness" is based on "happenings".  This is not the case with joy.  Joy in the Lord is not found in "happenings" and it is not realized in feelings.  Joy in the Lord is much deeper.  It is foundational in our lives.  It is the place of strength, peace and hope for the one who is abandoned to Jesus Christ.

". . . This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength."          --Nehemiah 8:10


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Hey Ryrob. This is Virginia. I'm reading a new book by David Crowder about death, and I'm hoping you'll take a gander at it so we can conversate over it.

New Zealand has been really refreshing, and I'm looking forward to jumping into this semester. I kinda can't wait to sit down with you and Mike L. and have a long conversation.

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