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Folgers Moment

Folgers Lately I have been drinking Folgers instant coffee.  Why?  I don’t know why.  We have a jar of Folgers instant coffee in our teacher workroom and one day I made myself a little cup of Folgers instant coffee.  Folgers instant coffee is pretty good.  So now I am drinking Folgers.

Now when I say a little cup of Folgers I mean a little cup.  Here in South Korea they don’t go for drinking out of small buckets like we do in the USA.  They drink water, coffee, tea and juice out of small cups and usually the cups are only filled half full of liquid.  So, lately I have been drinking small cups of Folgers instant coffee.  But I fill the cup to the top.Cup_of_coffee

Why am I drinking Folgers instant coffee?  Is it because of the way the granules dissolve so quickly in hot water?  Is it because of the white foam that forms on the top of the steaming cup of java?  Is it because it is instant?

My granddad used to drink Folgers instant coffee and every time I make myself a cup of Folgers instant coffee I think about my granddad and the fun I used to have as kid working with him on the farm.  Good memories.  Maybe that is why I am drinking Folgers instant coffee.  Because every time I mix up a small, but full cup of Folgers, I have a “Folgers Moment.”

“Folgers Moments” are good.

Any Folgers drinkers out there?


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