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FlywheelLiving here in South Korea makes TV watching a challenge.  It is doable because there are a few channels on TV that do broadcast in English but we figured, "who needs it?"  So, we unhooked the TV from the cable in the wall and we moved the TV to the other side of the living room (aesthetics, of course).

All we ever watch on TV are DVDs that we choose to watch.  No channel surfing, no commercials, no prime-time "junk" being pumped into our home (apartment).  Sounds kind of radical doesn't it?  It has been great.  We have gone one and a half years without a TV.  It can be done. Ultimate_gift 

We have read lots of books, played games together as a family, practiced our musical instruments more, gotten our homework done, dabbled in other hobby interests and gotten some sleep.  Oh, and we have watched some great DVDs.  In fact, that is why I started this post in the first place.

Recently we watched two great movies on DVD.  They are:  "Flywheel" and "The Ultimate Gift".  If you are going to spend five bucks at Blockbuster these are a couple of movies where you can't go wrong.  They are both interesting, entertaining and meaningful.


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