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Biblical Theology

If you are a Christian who can read I must ask, “Are you reading the Bible?”  If you are reading the Bible, how are you reading it?  Through what lens or perspective are you reading the Bible and interpreting its message?

Are you looking for quick answers, easy application and solid confirmation of your previously held beliefs and understandings?  Or, are you reading to see and to know God?

Got Milk?

Jesus wept.

God is love.

Just do it.

What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD)

…..I am reading the Bible differently these days.  No more slogans, clichés or bumper sticker theology.  I recently finished a course on “Biblical Theology” and I will never be able to read the Bible, hear a sermon or sing a worship chorus the same way again.  Biblical theology is means of reading the Bible in light of….the Bible.  Crazy thought isn’t it?

Until now, I have been inclined to take an isolated verse and/or passage from the Bible and build an entire theological thought or position upon it.  In other words…proof texting.

I don’t presume to fully understand the scope of Biblical theology except to say that it is about putting isolated Bible verses back into chapters; putting Bible chapters back into Biblical books; putting the Biblical books back into the entire canon of Scripture and looking at the Bible message in light of the religious, political, social and historical climate in which it was written.  What did it mean then to the hearers of that day?  How does what it meant then play out in meaning to our lives today?

There are lots of good Biblical commentaries and resources available to aid in the understanding of Biblical history and context.  These are not just for the likes of preachers; they are for any and all of us that can read.

The Word of God is not stagnant.  It is alive.  The story of the living God reaching out to all creation continues.  You are a part of that story. 

Read about it.


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