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Dscf1234 Last night we went to the TCIS High School musical presentation of "Godspell."  I thought the program was incredible!

Yeah, I suppose I am biased.  I am the assistant principal of the high school, I am friends with the musical director, I know most of the students that were involved in the production and....yes both of my daughters  were in the program (Becca playing bass guitar in the band and Sarah singing in the chorus and singing two solos) but other than those factors I can say Dscf1220objectively that it was a great program!  :)

I found myself on the verge of tears at several points in the program and it wasn't during the sad scenes.  To see a group of kids (a community) come together and do the hard work of practice, night after night, week after week, in the midst of homework, exams, and life, and then present a program of that caliber and with that measure of passion is nothing short of inspiration for me.

I love the freshness and sincerity of the students as they "play their part" in the program--whether it is the lead role in the spotlight or the light person in the back who saved the day during the intermission by figuring out how to replace a burned out fuse in the spotlight.

The message of Godspell is a current day version of the story of Jesus' life, death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.  The students conveyed the powerful message of the musical not only with their acting, singing and dancing but also with their joyful intensity and abandonment to the moment.

I suppose there is a lot that could be said about the church and how we as the church need to come together, in the midst of life, and present the message of the Gospel to the world around us.  But I am going to put that thought on hold right now and I am going to consider how I am playing my part in this Godspell presentation of the life that I am living.

This is my prayer:

God, thank you that no matter my part in this play of life I can have hope because of Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.... for me.  Please help me to play my part for You, an audience of One--and may I do it with all of the passion, vitality, joy and abandonment that I can muster.  In Jesus' name, amen.


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