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November 2007

Pass to Class

Dscf1160 As I stood at the top of the "grand staircase" at our school here in South Korea, this is the view I enjoyed.

The morning air was crisp and the fall leaves were brilliant.  It was in-between classes and students were walking throughout the campus on their way to their next class.  As a group of students ascended the grand staircase, I stopped them when they arrived at the top.

I said, "Turn around, take a moment and enjoy this beautiful view."

They all looked at me funny, laughed nervously and said, "We can't, we're too busy--we will if you give us a late pass to class."

I laughed and they hurried on their way.

I blew it.....I should have kept them there, written them all a pass and encouraged them to breath deeply of the cool morning air and enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Life is a string of connected moments.  Some moments are better thanDscf1165 others.  If you get a good one, enjoy it.

Here is a pass if you need one.