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2007_1030009 I apologize for being so lax in my postings lately.  The days start early and before I know it the clock reads twenty minutes to midnight.  Part of the reason that I haven't posted lately is because of the four inch think book you see in the picture.  It is the book that we are working through in the class that I am taking.  Long hours at school and a few evening events scattered throughout this past week and a half have left me with little time to do the necessary reading and writing for my class.  I am keeping up, barely.

OK, I am done whining.  Thanks for listening.

On another note: Tonight we (Ryan, Dina, Becca and Sarah) sat at the dinner table in our apartment and laughed and enjoyed each other.  Dina picked up some chicken at Home Plus and she whipped up some "instant" Idaho potatoes from Costco and we had a wonderful meal at home.  I cherish our time together.

As I watch my 13 year old and my 11 year old daughters seemingly grow before my eyes I don't take a meal at home together for granted.  Sarah was the source of our entertainment for the evening as we reflected on some of her "Sarah-isms" from the past week.

  • A few days ago Becca and Sarah were arguing (imagine that) and at one point Sarah pulled out a mixed metaphor that served to deflate the argument with peals of laughter.  Sarah told Becca not to "Point a finger because ......she has a log in her own eye...."  Huh?
  • One day last week Sarah came home discouraged.  She said that in choir she was assigned the fourth part of a song with a three part harmony.  Bummer.

After some discussion we figured out that she was the fourth person in a group that was singing a song in three part harmony and Sarah was finding it a challenge to find her part.

I will try to ramble a bit more often.

Savor your time with loved ones and keep singing--even if you feel like you are the fourth part of a three part harmony!


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Aunt Dana

Oh my gosh Sarah, I think I myself have used that exact saying about the finger pointing and log in the eye!! :) LOL!

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