Fishing Around
Daejeon Sunset

....and live everyday.

2007_0816aug20070023_3 "Shall We Dance Together?  I want to enjoy things and have fun and live every day."

Some of the gift bags, shirts and signs here in South Korea have some very humorous quips and quotes on them.  Here is a picture of a gift bag that I received for my birthday a couple of days ago.  I think the message on the bag is cute and.....profound.2007_0816aug20070011

Here is a funny picture of Mrs. Jung, our high school secretary--she was trying to hold the cake up and stay out of the picture--funny lady and a real sweetheart.  The other picture on this post is a small group of people in the high school office that helped me celebrate my birthday.  From left to right is Ron (my principal), Sheila and Tom (our pastor and his wife), Mike (Student Life Minister) and Mrs. Jung (high school secretary).   It was my privilege to "...enjoy things and have fun...." with these precious people.

2007_0816aug20070008 As I read the world headlines, and think about how quickly 41 years of life have passed by I am reminded that I am but "a vapor," here for a time and then gone from this earth.  What am I doing with my time?  My minutes?  I pray that I am being careful to " every day."

I want to savor the moments and " every day" for Jesus.  In life there are days of dancing but the news headlines and our own lives tell us that there are also days of sorrow and lament.  Even in those days I pray that I may live every day holding tightly to Jesus.  For now, I will laugh with those who laugh and also weep with those who weep--for there is a time for both.

But will all pass away to something so much greater and we will hear Jesus say.............  "Shall We Dance Together?"


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