New Friends

Junior High Days

Being the parent of a junior high age student is a lot of work!

I used to think that the hard work of raising kids was in the diapers, car seats, strollers, feeding, bathing and bottom wiping.  When we were finished with those stages I thought, "Whew! The hard work is done."  I am quickly realizing that I was SO wrong......

Please don't misunderstand me, I love my junior higher--that is the problem--I love her too much.  The occasional arguments, deep sighs, and less than pleasant looks tend to cut deeply into this father's heart.   What happened to that little one that hung on my pant leg and on my every word?

The junior high days--they are the worst of times and.....the BEST of times.  I love having a junior higher.  Sometimes we have some great talks and some huge laughs.  There are no words to describe the joy in my heart when we play music together at home or in church.   Those days when she slips her arm around my waist as we walk along the sidewalk......HEAVEN!

I have determined that the junior high days are hard for me because....


How must God the Father feel about you and me?


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As I walk down the hall or stand outside at lunch I often find myself trying to imagine Luke at 12 or 13. A mystry that time will resolve. Sitting in a parent meeting that concerns some academic or behavioral challenges, I wonder what will become fo me. What kind of parent will I be? Time will resolve that as well.
Being a parent has given me a deeper understanding of our Father and how frustrated He has to be with my stupidity. He wants so much more for me than I seem to reach for. His love is understanding and expectation is for my own good. Yet I know I do not always hit the mark. There are times however, when I know it's ok. I know it. You just know, it's ok.

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