The title of this blog--Ryan's Ramblings--is what it is.  This is a blog of my thoughts, observations, comments and questions regarding anything that my mind is dwelling upon. 

I maintain another blog where I am detailing the adventures of my famly as we are living and working in South Korea.  That blog is for friends, family and anyone that might be remotely interested in our lives and activities.  It is a place that I would readily welcome an interested visitor--to sit back, relax, take a look through our photo albums, sip a cup of tea and listen to our stories.

This blog is not that type of place.  This is a blog that is not searchable via Google or Yahoo, it can only be accessed by users who know the exact web address.  This is a blog that I will share with only a select group of people.  This is a group of people that I feel that I can trust with my writings, my thoughts and my reflections--who will not be too taken back at any of my opinions, obscure thinking or strong feelings--and who will be honest enough to engage with me at certain times and on certain issues. 

The act of writing is a very formational process for me.  I want to use this space to give shape and definition to some of my thoughts and feelings and I want to share this process with others--formation is an interactive process--please join in with me. 

 As a disclaimer, I must say that I am a Christian--a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Due to the fact that Jesus Christ is at the center of my life there is a high likelihood that many of my postings here will have some connection or correlation with my journey with Jesus.  This is a place that I will share some of my thoughts of God, my questions, my doubts, my wrestlings, my joys, and my sorrows.  This is a place where I may tangle up my theology and fall flat on my face and it also might be the place where I sort out an issue and see through a challenge.

 I don't promise entertainment, insight, or interest...this is just a place where I can roam, wander, ....ramble. 

Webster says rambling is to 

1.  "to move aimlessly from place to place." 

2.  "to explore idly." 

3. "to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion."

.......Ryan's Ramblings.


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great idea, I don't believe you will be aimlessly wandering though, you definately have a direction, leading to the cross of Jesus. I'm excited to read what is churning in your mind as He calls you to take on His thoughts and play them out in your life. Bring it!


BTW, nice photo to interest your readers-share the symbolic message, have you made this nasty creatures a part of your diet yet?


Thank you for the trust and invitation.


Thanks, Ryan, for the opportunity to engage again in our late night musings and jam sessions. They have always served a significant role for me. Fellowship is not currently experienced elsewhere for me to any great extent. Having not participated in a site like this previously, I hope I am not mischaracterizing this as a potential forum for discussion on issues or topics that springboard from your thoughts/reflections. If your plan is something different I will look forward to being challenged in how God is working in your life. Let me know. Looks like I will be the one turning the lights off on this side of the globe. David


Hey Bud!
Thanks for the invite and for trusting me to partake in your "ramblings." I've missed hearing your brain dumps (i.e. reflections), so this will be a treat! It will be interesting to hear how God is working in your life and how your new life style and home across the globe has influenced your perspective. Love you much!

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